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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Several things hit me in the face today that challenged both my mothering abilities as well as my grand mothering ability. First I read this article on MSN about the new tradition of “Glam-mas”. They’re grandmothers that have little to do with their grandchildren. Well, I love my grandchildren and have lots to do with them after they grow a little. I don’t really do babies very well any more. Squeally, smelly, pukey little things. You cant put then down, well you can, but the dog might walk off with them , or another older child might hide them in the laundry basket. You can’t take them shopping without an entourage to carry the huge amounts of stuff that you have to have to take a baby anywhere before they can walk and talk. Diaper bags, bottles, huge-ass strollers that never work the way they should, then the baby carrier. It never fits the stroller correctly and you always end up carrying the thing for hours or until your arm grows numb and the carrier slips off and the baby falls out. No, that’s more that I want to handle.
I like them when they can walk and talk. Diapers don’t bother me, mainly because Nikki does diaper duty. But when they’re about two and up I love them. We can shop, play, draw and cook. I can be Nana to the fullest and buy whatever I want for them. CoCo knows that the most important thing for girls is shoes! She’s a fast study and we need to go shoe shopping very soon, lest she forget.
Then just after I read that damned article about Glam-mas, I watched Brothers and Sisters. Nora Walker is the mom, which Karli says I am. But she was so tuned in to her kids, especially Kitty tonight that just adopted one of those little parasites that will turn into a beautiful two year old, if Kitty doesn’t die of exhaustion, lack of showers and baby stuff overload before then. Anyway, Nora took the baby for the night and drew a bubble bath for Kitty and let her sleep as long as she wanted. Karli leaves the baby with me and I’m counting the seconds until she gets back. That is if I get trapped into watching her. But let me be clear, I do love them very much. And to top it off, last night at the hospital I stayed with Karli until 1:30 AM. Then I just left her. I left her in the hospital all alone. She still had tests to do, but no, I took off, I ran back to my comfy bed and left her on that god-forsaken purple pad the hospital calls a bed. My baby was all alone for those last two hours. I’m a bad mom………..and I am a “glam-ma”……….I need a drink and maybe some retail therapy!


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