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The Morning

Thursday, February 18, 2010

I wasn't sure where everyone else was this morning when I was burrowed in the cloud-like softness of egyptian cotton sheets, eight goose down pillows and my fluffy down comforter. I was perfectly supported in the cocoon-like haven I had created throughout the night. No part of my body was exposed to the chill of the morning air except my nose. I can't sleep with my nose covered. The thought of breathing in hot air, especially hot morning air, really grosses me out. Besides, I get claustrophobic if I'm not breathing in fresh cold air when I sleep.

My thoughts had been of sleeping in luxurouisly late. Enjoying the warmth, enjoying the solitude and enjoying a few more hours of peace. I was trying to recover from the night before.

It had been an ok night. Those of us that showed up at Duke's Bar had fun. I was disappointed when some of my friends that were going to be there just didn't make it. And a couple of others that I have been trying to bridge a gap with decided not to participate in our gathering. Usually when we're at Duke's my daughters Karli and Michelle are there and we have blast drinking, dancing and playing. Karli was home pregnant with two sick boys and Michelle announced that afternoon that she also was expecting another little monkey. So no drinking for her. I was on my own.

Dukes is a country western bar that our kids go to. I'm not much on country music but we go there because the kids go there. The servers are cute in their tight jeans, boots and cowboy hats and the bouncers are big and buff. There's a mechanical bull at the back corner of the dance floor. Usually an intoxicated girl, tossing her teased hair around, is on the back of the bull trying her best to be sexy. They almost always end up in a not so pretty heap on the bar room floor after being thrown from the bucking animal. The ever present buff bouncers are close by to help the embarrassed wanna be cowgirls stagger back to their friends.

I think one of my favorite things about this smokey little club is that around nine or nine-thirty, right after the line dancing lessons, a spot light shines brightly on a large American flag on the stage and the "Star Spangled Banner" begins to play. The noisey crowd immediatley quiets. Every man removes his hat and places it over his heart. For those few moments everyone is of like mind. We're all Americans saluting our country. As soon as the song ends the party begins.

That's when I switched from Coke to Tanqueray and Tonic. Our server kept them coming. I had only ordered two but someone else must have been buying rounds because they kept showing up, and I kept drinking them. At some point I lost count of how many I had finished. Somewhere in between the first and the last of my drinks I decided that jello shots were needed and set off to find them.
I found the jello shot girl around a corner standing on a platform and surrounded by cowboys. I made my way through the mass of belt buckles and plaid shirts to the girl with the coveted shots. She was blonde and bubbly and dressed in a tight belly baring tee shirt and ripped jeans. I ordered ten of the orange flavored concoctions. The total came to fifteen dollars and I gave her a twenty. The bubbly blonde stacked them up for me, I grabbed them and headed back to the table.

When I got back to my group there were hands everywhere grabbing for shot cups. I saved two for myself and put the rest on the table. Within minutes they were gone. It wasn't long after that I switched to water for the remainder of the evening. I didn't switch soon enough. I could tell that the next morning would be rough. Jeff led me out to the car and opened the door for me. I fell into the heated leather seats and tried to keep my head from spinning.

After about ten minutes we arrived home. I headed for the kitchen to down more water before stripping off my clothes and collapsing in bed. I snuggled into the pillows and pulled the comforter up over my head. I was careful to leave my nose exposed. In minutes I was sleeping and enjoying every minute of it. That is until I heard a knock at the door.

I reluctantly peeked out from beneath my pile of pillows. Jeff was gone. It must be morning. Oh, my head. The knocking continued. Where was everyone and who the hell was knocking at the door? Finally I struggled to free myself from my cocoon. I stumbled as I searched for someting to put on. I found a short terry cloth robe, wrapped it around me and made it to the front door. I was still in the haze of sleep when I opened the door. There were two huge men standing before me with their backs to the door. They had on blue uniforms. Then I remembered. The appliances for the addition were going to be delivered. As soon as I remembered I felt the whoosh of a kid run by my legs.

"Jeremiah, go find your dad. I'm gong back to bed." I shut the door hoping that somewhere my son would find my husband to sign for the delivery. I staggered back to the bedroom, dropping the robe at the door and climbed back into my haven. I pulled the covers back up careful not to cover my nose and drifted back to sleep.


Anonymous,  November 11, 2012 at 9:57 PM  

you have perfect detail nana.

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