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Sea Turtles

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The water was so clear, so aqua, so warm, so salty.

I dove under to swim with the great and majestic sea turtle.

I could feel my hair flowing behind me and the water rushing over each inch of my body

I dove even deeper following after the elusive, graceful creature

Their effortless movement was mesmerizing. Their glances at me were all knowing

I was soon gliding behind them

They were just beyond my grasp. I knew I would soon be with them if I could just make it a little longer.

My world was moving further away and I was moving closer to theirs

I had to breathe, I could wait no longer

I took the salty water deep into my soul

It was warm. It was refreshing. It was liberating.

It permeated every crevice of my lungs and circulated throughout my body.

It filled me completely. I continued my journey and continued to take in the clear aqua water

It was so easy, so natural, so welcome

Suddenly my speed increased and I found myself in the midst of the group

They had opened a portal to allow me in and quickly surrounded me

I was now one with them, one with the sea and one with the turtles.

There would be no return from this new and mysterious world.

There were reefs to discover and waters to navigate

My freedom was complete. My prayers had been answered. I would not return.

My home would be the sea, and my family the graceful shelled creatures that had in their wisdom coaxed me to follow.


Classic NYer April 19, 2011 at 9:27 AM  

Wow... this is a beautiful image albeit a frightening one...

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