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Somebody's going to get their butt kicked!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

So here I go venting again. Thanks for allowing me to. Most all of you have access to my other page and have seen the photos of my wonderfully mixed-race family. They are beautiful, they are sweet and they are as much mine as if I had given birth to them.

My oldest children, Taylor, Michael and Nikki are homeschooled as were the three older ones. My youngest are still in public school and probably will continue on that path. Michael and Nikki attend a sports and fitness two times a week at the 24 hour fitness we belong to. Last week when I walked them to their class there were these boys that were acting wild in the aerobics room when we got there. I reminded my children to behave and left. While I’m working out I can usually monitor what’s happening in their class because of the glass wall that separates the aerobics room from the weight room. All seemed fine.

When the class was over I retrieved my children and all seemed well. I later found out that it wasn’t. It seems that the two obnoxious boys I had noticed in the beginning of the class have a problem with my kids and were talking within earshot of my guys about them. I think the words that were used were "They’re not nice, they’re nothing but niggers." Ok, so first of all my kids were correct in not telling me until no one at the school could be reached and I would have a entire weekend to calm down. I left a message for one of the teachers and the vp. They were mortified that this would have happened. It’s not something that we’ve encountered in Oregon before. I told them that I wanted it addressed especially in light of the fact that when pushed Nikki can and will kick butt (GO NIKKI).

I talked to my kids about the fact that these kids are more than likely hearing it from their parents since they’re homeschooled and seem pretty damned unsocialized. We talked about the best thing my kids can do at this point is to be nice, smile and be friendly. Secretly I was thinking they should whip up on these kids and teach them a lesson, but that would only affirm the opinions of the little punks. The adults in charge are aware of the incident and have assured me that the boys will be monitored closely. My kids have been instructed to alert the adults discreetly should this happen again. So we took the high road, this time. Next time may be different.

Since most all of my kids have been homeschooled for part or most of their schooling we have made huge attempts to ensure that they can behave appropriately in public, interact with people of all ages and be well, rounded sociable children. We have succeeded. Unfortunately there are homeschooling families that cannot even discipline their kids let alone teach them social graces. It gives all homeschooling families a bad reputation.

I guess I could go a step farther and invite the little heathen things over for a play date or something so that they can see how great my kids are and that they are kids, not niggers. But then they’ll see the way we live compared to how they live and it’ll only incite more harassment. These boys do not come from a wealthy family and although they’re clean, there clothing and shoes are old and ragged. I would hope that they would see the goodness in my kids and how far they’ve come since they were adopted. But kids like the boys generally feel inferior and I don’t want to reinforce that by bringing them over here. Now I sound like a snotty bitch. It’s hard trying to stay above it and be more dignified when all I want to do it put the boys in a room with an un-medicated Joshua to teach them a lesson. Sometimes you have to get on the bully’s level to teach them the lesson.


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