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Bubble Thought Thursday Hop

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ok, we did it! So many people asked for it that MissC over at Life As I See It and I have decided to host "Bubble Thought" Thursday!
 So link up if you want and share your Bubble Thoughts with us all. The rules are pretty simple:
  • Create a Bubble Thought post and post the Bubble Thought button in it.
  • Link up your blog.
  • Follow the hostesses The Bipolar Diva and Life As I See It
  • Leave a comment so we can enjoy your thoughts and can follow you.
  • Follow as many of the blogs as you want.
  • Follow back those that follow you, It's just the nice thing to do and it'll prevent you from becoming a Bubble Thought!

Life As I See It

Diva's Bubble Thoughts for the week:

Situation: I'm trying to read and comment on blogs. Three of my kids are playing word badminton. They're arguing back and forth over nothing.
Bubble Thought: I really should make three appointments with Dr. Kevorkian.

Situation: One of  my teenagers was talking non stop, again about nothing.
Bubble Thought: "I wonder at what age it ceases to be child abuse?"

Situation: Tahoe Dude is tailgating us while we're on the motorcycles. I pull off the road so he can pass. We get around the bend and Tahoe Dude was pulled over by a motorcycle cop.
Bubble Thought: "Sucka!" I wave at him and smile as I passed.

Situation: Lady BEHIND me in the line at Starbucks decides her order was more important than mine, I mean come on! She was talking over me LOUDLY.
Bubble Thought: None. I was too shocked to even think.

Grandson: After me getting on to him "Nana, if you had a really hot drink and wanted it cooled off all you would have to do is hold it up to your heart."
Bubble Thought: "I wonder if you taste like chicken."

My 12 yr old: "I'm moving out my senior year."
Bubble Thought: "Why wait?"


Black Hole of Drama

Monday, August 30, 2010

My girls and I are drama magnets. Things just seem to happen to us in our own little universes. When the four of us are together we become something more like a black hole of drama. Our drama gravitational pull becomes so massive that not even the slightest bit of the crap can escape. We become our own Schwarzschild Radius.

Our long beach weekend began well enough. Nothing major was happening in the drama solar system. We took my friend Karyn to the airport so she could return home after spending a few days with us. On the way to the airport I had an “OH SHIT!” moment that made me break out in hives and almost sent me into a panic attack. I thought I’d left my 18 pound bag of medications at home.

When we arrived at the departure area of the PDX airport I jumped from the car and tore through my Louis Vuitton suitcase searching for the myriad of medicines that keep me sane. I ripped through make-up, shoes and thongs. Clothes were flying right along with swear words. Finally I found the turkey sized zip lock baggie filled with my sanity. Ok, deep breath.

Karyn got off to her flight and we pulled in line to leave. While we were waiting race track granny zoomed by almost ripping the mirror from the side of my car. A few more words were let loose. It was then that Karli informed me that no where in the Bible does it say that “colorful” language is prohibited.

“Mom, it only says that you can’t take the Lord’s name in vain. You can say effity, effity, eff, eff, eff all you want. So don’t worry, you’re not walking the heaven/hell tight rope like Dad says you are.”


"Never mind Mom, you're cool."

Turns out it was good thing she shared that little nugget. It was going to be an effity, effity, eff, eff, eff kind of day. It smoothed out a little after we left the airport. We were having a normal mother-daughters type of conversation.

Me: “I’m glad I have my Ativan.”

Karli: “Mom if you wanted something to act faster than swallowing an Ativan you could try crushing a Xanex and snorting it,”

Me: “And you know this how?”

Seems I wasn’t being listened to. As Nikki was doing the two-fisted downing of coffee cake and a sausage sandwich, Karli and Michelle were arguing over grammar and snorting vicodin. They weren't actually snorting vicodin, just arguing over the proper technique.

"Don't worry Mom. We learned about it watching Intervention." I calmed....a bit.

The only thing I could think of was that I had three more hours of driving stuck in this scene.

All was right with our universe for the next few hours. Then we decided to stop by the casino. I found a machine, put in forty dollars and pressed the button. All the girls were watching when the machine hit and we won some decent money. We cashed out and went to retrieve our winnings.

I was counting the crisp hundred dollar bills when Michelle said this creepy guy was watching me. Ok, the casinos are filled with creepy guys, no big deal. Well Creepy Guy followed us through the maze of machines, down the escalator and to the bathroom. Now it was a big deal.

As I sat in the little stall reading the “please dispose of all personal protection underwear in the trash can” sign on the back of the door, and trying not to gag, I decided we need to to go to security. Evidently the girls had the same stellar idea. We left the bathroom and made a bee line to find an officer.

A few minutes later we were safely in front of security. Creepy Guy appeared to be no where in sight.

Me: “Can we have someone escort us to our car?”

Security Lady stares at me.

Me: “We just won some money and this creepy guy watched us cash out and is following us.”

Security Lady: “What does he look like?”

Me: “Well he’s creepy.”

Security Lady: “Ma’am we have a lot of creepy guys here. Can you be a little more specific?”

Michelle then described Creepy Guy and happened to spot him lurking around and pointed him out to Security Lady.

Security Lady called Security Supervisor. Security Supervisor appeared and walked us to our car. On the way he asked about Creepy Guy. Once we got near the car he told us to get in the car and leave, Creepy Guy had followed us out and had just been nabbed by Security Lady.

As we sped away I wished that I had been wearing the “personal protection underwear” that could be disposed of in the trash can. I also couldn’t help but wonder what else would be pulled into the Schwarzschild Radius of our Drama Queen universe and we still had three full days ahead of us. Effity, effity, eff, eff, eff.


I Didn't Think, So Sue Me.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

You are all going to have to cut me some slack here. One of my favorite people in the world is at my home visiting me for almost a week! This is an older post that I don't believe many of you have read. I should be back online this weekend!

It was the fourth night of our summer vacation with the kids, all of the kids, mountains and troops of kids. We were staying at a "resort" in southern Oregon. Now a "resort" in southern isn't like a resort in Tahoe. I mean, there was a frog in my shower. The site, though,  is on a beautiful lake deep in the forest and is called Lake of the Woods. There are a couple dozen cabins for rent. We had reserved two of them earlier in the year for the entire family to vacation together.

The cabins we had were small. Each had only one bedroom, a tiny bathroom, an even smaller kitchen and a cozy (think non-existent) common area. Beds and bunks were everywhere they could be squeezed in. My husband and I had one cabin with Jeremiah and Joshua. That cabin could sleep six.
The other cabin had room for eight and was overflowing with Karli, her husband Justin, their kids Jakob, Josiah and Anna-Grace, three of my kids, Michael, Nikki, Cole and his girlfriend Josie.

Late in the afternoon of that fourth day, I realized that I hadn't put out any meat earlier that morning for tacos; it was frozen and hard as concrete. Most of us had been out all day exploring the woods, the lakes, swimming and just generally relaxing. I just didn't think ahead for dinner. That's something at home that I never have to worry about. Usually I buy meat the day we're going to use it so that it's as fresh as possible.

I do keep hamburger meat and Italian sausage in the freezer just for times like this. A few minutes on auto-defrost in the microwave and we're ready to go. There are no microwaves in these cabins, only ovens. The ovens are tiny white things with an even smaller stove top with 4 minuscule gas burners. They definitely are not a cook's dream.

I looked around at the 24 eyes staring at me wondering "what the heck is mom gonna do now?" I know because I was wondering that exact same thing myself. With no plans and having to wing it, I knew I wasn't going to get any help. I was on my own and had to pull out my "super-mom" skills. I usually try to keep those hidden. Why let those skills be known when I know that they'll be drained from me on a daily basis if I use them too often? They'll only interfere with my Diva skills. Super mom skills and Diva skills just don't mix well.

I looked in the very small, rectangular box they advertise as a refrigerator and saw the ham that Justin had glazed and cut. That was a start. We had a couple of bags of tortilla chips, ok those would work. I also found the ingredients for some killer queso dip. Ok, so now we have ham, chips and queso, I grabbed some fruit and a pitcher of iced tea. Not a great gourmet dinner, but for outside on a picnic table fireside, it would be fine. All they really cared about was being able to roast marshmallows after dinner anyway.

Everyone was at the table except Nikki. The queso was awesome and the kids are always excited when I make it. It never lasts long and if you want it, you have to get if fast or it'll be gone. I thought I had scored with them that night. Well, until Nikki came to the table. She sat down and surveyed the unusual feast set before her. She had a bit of a puzzled look on her face, but she would never be rude to me or her father. She leaned over, put her head on my shoulder and in her sweetest, most sincere voice put a dagger in my heart and took away my new mom of the year award when she said: "Thanks for making us cheese for dinner mom."



Tuesday, August 24, 2010

It was one of those days that I seemed to have a spurt of very un-diva like behavior. I had worked in the yard for hours and cut down all of the plants that had gotten out of control. I had most of the huge yard done and then it happened.

I was cutting back this huge lavender plant when the hedge clippers went dead. Holy, freaking crap. I knew what it was before I put the trimmers down; I had cut the extension cord in half with the trimmers. I was going to die a long and painful death at the hands of my husband and a half of an extension cord.

That experience reminded me of another one several years earlier. When we built this house we only had 5 kids, but had enough foresight to install two dishwashers in the main kitchen. They worked well for years before being beaten to death by many gorilla-like, door slamming, plate smashing kids.

I went to the appliance store and purchased two very expensive, high-end dishwashers figuring that the more money I spent, the more weeks I would gain in the long run, yes weeks not years.

The dishwashers arrived and the plumber was backed up for weeks. I couldn't wait. Lots of kids with no dishwasher doesn't work, and I DON'T do dishes. Over the years I've repaired electrical problems, installed disposals, wired for electrical switches, and repaired the garage door openers, so I figured I could handle installing a dishwasher or two.

I helped the kids bring the first of the dishwashers upstairs and removed it from it's carton. I disconnected the first dishwasher, well mostly. We got to the water line and I asked one of my, to remain nameless, sons to turn off the water line that was located under the sink. That's where I made my first crucial mistake, I forgot to tell him there were two cut off switches, one for the inside water and the other for the outside deck water line. Yeah, you guessed it, he turned off the wrong line.

Just as I turned the wrench to disconnect the line water began to spray everywhere. The water line was hissing and dancing like a cobra being mesmerized by it's handler, except this was more dangerous than the cobra.

As I tried to catch the jumping water line I screamed to Cole, whoops I guess I did name him, to turn off the right line. He couldn't find it. I was trying to crimp the line and it wouldn't happen. Then I was tried to hold my finger over the end of the line that was spraying water at 80 psi. Not sure if you've ever tried that, but it doesn't work.

I screamed for someone to go turn off the water line out in the front yard, not remembering that one was only for the sprinkler system and the whole shut-off was downstairs, under the house. There was no EFFIN way I was calling Jeff, he wouldn't know that gallons of water were spraying under our beautiful hardwood floor.

"Cole, go get the BLEEPING neighbor!", "Karli, Michael and Nikki, get some GD BLEEPING towels!" and then I had to admit defeat and told Joshua to "BLEEPING call his BLEEPING father" and ask where the GD water line was.

The one I needed was under the sink, 18 inches from me. It was behind a bottle of Cascade detergent. Finally Karli, or someone, turned off the water. I was drenched, my hair looked like a wet llama and my makeup was running down my face. I turned to see my kids wide eyed, open mouthed and trying not to laugh.

Their composure didn't last long. They began to howl like rabid hyenas. I could have shot everyone of them on the spot before I began to laugh as well. Cole was laughing harder than I had ever seen him.

"Mom, we should have had this on video, except they couldn't air it on TV. It was "Cole BLEEPING get the BLEEP BLEEP water turned BLEEPING off. BLEEP BLEEP-it. Karli get the BLEEPING towels BLEEPING up here BLEEPING now. BLEEEEEEP, BLEEPING BLEEEEEEEEP!! You BLEEPING kids better not BLEEPING tell your BLEEPING father BLEEP BLEEP-it!"

Ok, so I learned my lesson, directions don't tell you everything and always call someone that knows better. Or better yet, suck it up, bribe the kids to keep their mouths shut or pay the plumber overtime to get him in sooner.


This is No Fairy Tale

Friday, August 20, 2010

Once upon a time in a land far away a Prince and a Princess vacationed on a magical isle. *insert sound effects* SQUEALING tires, sudden stop, Prince and Princess thrown through windshield. Diva doesn't do fairy tales.

It was a few years ago and we were in Hawaii, but we're certainly no Prince and Princess. We were tired, bedraggled parents trying to escape raising 8 kids, running a business and paying a mortgage.

We had been there several times before and each time a certain someone wanted to get a tattoo. I did get one, but not every time I was there.

So the story continues, stay with me here as there will be a quiz.

You know about Isaiah dying, what you don't know is that his "theme" was frogs. Yeah, yeah, yeah I'll get on with it.

We went to the guy that has done lots of work for us. Jeff looked through the books of Chinese characters and found the one shown for frog. Dominick, who is awesome by the way (and now owns a shop in Portland!), put the stencil on Jeff's leg and proceeded to tattoo the character on Jeff's right calf.

When we got home everyone asked what the symbol was and Jeff proudly told the story of Isaiah and the frog memorial.

It just so happens that we were building a home for a Chinese family that owns a string of restaurants here in Oregon. I say home, it was more like a castle! But this is no fairytale, so no castle, just a 15,000 sq foot home for 5 people. Must be nice.

The elderly father came by to check the progress one day and noticed Jeff's tattoo. In broken English he asked what it was and why he had that particular character.

Jeff told him the story of Isaiah and the frogs we all collected now. He said it was a memorial tattoo for our grandson.

Mr. Chang: "Oh that no frog."

Jeff: "What?!"

"Oh, that NO frog."

"May I ask what it is?"

The old man took a piece of paper and quickly drew the character for frog.

"Oh, no frog. You have clam. So, so, sorry."



Yes, More Bubble Thoughts!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Time for another round of Bubble Thoughts! I'd really like to make this into a meme, but I have no idea what the heck I'm doing. Nolie sent me over to the "make a linky" thing and I still couldn't figure it out. Any help for this elderly granny would be appreciated!

Me: “I’ve not been sleeping well lately.”
Jeff: “If you’d exert more physical activity in the day you’d sleep better.”
Me: (roll eyes)
Jeff: “You need to go back to the gym or work in the yard.”
Bubble thought: “If you freaking tell me what to do one more time I’ll show you physical activity. I’ll stab you in the freaking eye!”

Situation: Was sitting in California Pizza Kitchen with the boys. Jake was massaging my neck and shoulders. People were staring but it felt too good to tell him to stop.
Jake: “People are staring at you like you’re evil and making me be your slave”
Bubble thought: “I am on both counts”

Lady in the doctor’s office: “Teri you look great! But then you always look so pulled together and beautiful.”
Bubble thought: “Why don’t you tell me something I don’t know?”

Situation: Jakob is reading while I write this and read the above thought.
Jake: “Seriously?!”
Bubble thought: “You want me to perfect my death ray vision on you kid?”

Situation: Watching my son and grandson eat.
Bubble thought: “I give up. I’m buying a trough.”

Situation: Mom with two kids sitting near me at Starbucks. Kids are throwing things, screaming and kicking the glass.
Mom: “You need to chew with your mouth closed. I’m trying to teach you this so that when you’re older and on a date you won’t be embarrassed.”
Bubble Thought: “WTF? Since when do savages eat with their mouths closed? You really think your poorly parented kids will actually find dates?”

Situation: Jeff just got contacts for the first time. He’s carrying on about how stupid they are and they’re nothing but useless pieces of crap. He’s slamming doors and hitting the cabinets.
Jeff: “This is ridiculous! I’m not wearing these damn things!” This is after the first time trying to get them out.
Me: “Here, I’ll help you.”
Jeff: “Ouch! You’re clawing at my eye!!”
Me: “It’ll take time to get used to them. You’ll get it.”
Bubble thought “You’re damn right I’m clawing your eye! Stop freaking jumping around like a big baby before I shove a pacifier down your throat!”


Just The News Please

Monday, August 16, 2010

My guest poster for today, Cheeseboy, was a HUGE success! I told you that you would love him. If you haven't followed him yet, go do it before I go all "Norman Bates" on you!
Next I have a new site, but it's not for everyone. Here are the rules:

  • You're not family. I just may spill a few closely guarded family secrets and then I'm certain at the next family gathering someone may force feed me that nasty jello and cottage thingy southerners make. They just plop it on your plate and expect you to eat the shit. *gag*
  • No one under 18.
  • You have to be pretty tolerant and non-judgemental.
  • You can't be easily offended or all PC.
  • You have to realize that people are human. Even Divas make mistakes.
  • I have to like you.....heehee
How do you get invited to this most coveted site? Simple, just email me at Tell me you love me, well you don't have to say that, but it is a sure fire ticket in. When you email me I'll email you the URL. It's not connected to this site in any way, so you won't be able to link from here. I expect to get lots and lots of emails from everyone wanting to know the Diva's closely guarded secrets and all that crap.

Next I got a crap load of awards today and one from the other day that I want to accept and thank the awesome ones that bestowed me with the honors. Is "crap load" an acceptable phrase?

To accept these awards I have to tell you all seven things about me that you don't know. I'll come up with a few, but for the others you have to email me for that new URL! It has this really wicked header that Crazy Brunette made for me and was approved by Gucci Mama and The Green-Eyed Brat.

  1. I'm the blaaaaaaaaack sheep in my family. Baa Baa Baaaaaa Baa
  2. I had a hummingbird tattooed on my butt when I was about 25. Over the years it turned into a pterodactyl so I had it covered up with this rockin' new tat. You just may see it if you email me requesting the URL to the new site.
  3. I'm adopting another child. I know, I know I said I'd never do it again, but she's been potty trained for about 26 years now. She also lives on her own so I don't have to worry about feeding her much.
  4. I nearly killed my family with Cayenne pepper poisoning tonight.
  5. I forgive, sometimes, but I will never forget.
  6. Even though I'm 48 I've felt like an orphan since my parents died. 
  7. I have so many facets to my personality that I think not even my psychiatrist can keep them straight. NO, I am not like Sybil!
Ok, so here are the wonderful, coveted awards:

This one is from Sage because he thinks I'm just really cool.

This one and the next two are from Donda
because she knows I'm really cool.

This one is from Nicole she knows what the other two
know and she wants me to know it too.

Ok, now all that meet my requirements for admission into my cool new site had better email me. You know you want in on the ground floor, the circle of trust. Where did I hear that? Oh yeah, that movie.

Love you guys and thanks again to Sage, Donda and Nicole for the awesome awards!


Are Murderous Thoughts Illegal?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

I really hope that murderous thoughts aren't illegal. What I can gather from watching all those forensic shows it's only illegal if you act on them.

Some of you know of a situation that was revealed to us about 3 weeks or so ago. A situation that is vile, reprehensible and unforgivable. I really can't go into too much detail, but I'll say that a child was violated in the most horrific way possible. A child who was only 4-5 when these acts took place.

Special Victim's Unit is involved and right now they're trying to track down the un-human offender, or I guess at this point I should say the one who was named by the child as the offender.

Various scenarios have been played out in full in my vindictive mind. We have the connections: the Red and White, the Red and Gold and the Black and Gold and could have connections to the Green. My sons-in-law won't allow me to connect to the Green though. A few of you will know these colors, many won't and that's ok, the picture will give you a clue.

All I'd have to do is drop off a picture and an address. Believe me, I've thought about it. I've realized that death would be too easy for this, I don't even know what to call this offender. "Person" or anything human is too good for him in my opinion.

I want him to suffer. I want him to rot in jail. I want him to experience exactly what he did to my grandson, and much, much more. I want his life taken from him, not literally but figuratively.  Besides, I don't want to be any one's bitch in prison. I'll save that for him.


Hackers BE GONE!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I guess it's inevitable, hackers are a part of our lives these days. They just don't seem to give a crap about anyone but themselves and having fun at someones expense. It can be hurtful, embarrassing and sometimes just plain fun!

Yes, you are looking at the words of a hacker. I really didn't "hack" my daughter's Facebook account, she willingly gave me the password. You see, I was on there trying to hook her blog (that she's being a slacker on) up to Networked Blogs and getting it to publish to her page and her fan sites:

Hot Conservative Babes

I love Pickles

Conservative Babes are Hotter

You know me and bedtime; I can't sleep and I get bored. Well I posted something and before you know it my best friend posted and it all got out of hand. I kept wondering when my daughter would jump in since all of her updates are sent to her phone.

Well it took her a while for her to figure it out since she was in the hospital and DIDN'T tell me! When I found that out I really felt bad, yeah right!

Karli Worley Cunningham

Karli Worley Cunningham I have the most incredibly beautiful, super, wonderful mom in the world! I should really offer to massage her feet, or cook dinner for her, she's just that cool! And such a cougar!

August 5 at 10:47pm · ·

    • Angela Aguilasocho Hackett I couldn't agree more!!!!
      August 5 at 10:47pm ·

    • Karli Worley Cunningham I know, huh? She really needs the title "Awesomized One" all to herself. I think I'll step down and let her have it.
      August 5 at 10:50pm ·

    • Karli Worley Cunningham I look a lot like her, thank goodness she's so beautiful and doesn't look like a skunk.
      August 5 at 10:51pm ·

    • Teri Anderson Worley Oh, baby. Thank you so much! It's been so long since you've told me that stuff.
      August 5 at 10:52pm · ·

    • Karli Worley Cunningham You just rock mom!
      August 5 at 10:52pm ·

    • Karli Worley Cunningham I really should listen to your wisdom more often. You're so right on.
      August 5 at 10:53pm ·

    • Angela Aguilasocho Hackett I can't think of a title that is appropriate for your mom...we really have to put our heads together
      August 5 at 10:53pm ·

    • Angela Aguilasocho Hackett You are very lucky and so is Josiah that you had access to such great guys are officially part of the lucky sperm club!!!
      August 5 at 10:54pm ·

    • Karli Worley Cunningham Wouldn't that be easier if you were going to the beach with us Angela? You know my mom loves you and would love for you to be there.
      August 5 at 10:55pm ·

    • Karli Worley Cunningham Oh we are, all because of mommy. ♥
      August 5 at 10:55pm ·

    • Angela Aguilasocho Hackett Yes I know I need to be there...but school is here and the boys need clothes...besides your mom is so busy helping you and being such a great hot nana that she hasn't called her tat artist for me yet....
      August 5 at 10:56pm ·

    • Angela Aguilasocho Hackett Your mother is very know I can't even decorate my own apartment without her input...and don't even get me started about my xmas party outfit!!!

      I have the MOST AWESOME sparkly princess shoes and can you guess why Karli?!?!
      August 5 at 10:57pm ·

    • Karli Worley Cunningham boo hiss! she called him, I think she just forgot to call you because she was mad at the guy that answered the phone and was waiting to talk to dominick in person.
      August 5 at 10:57pm ·

    • Angela Aguilasocho Hackett do we need to kill this prick that dare disturb the Diva?@?@?@
      August 5 at 10:58pm ·

    • Teri Anderson Worley Oh, Angela if you were here it would be perfect.....half-sies on tickets!
      August 5 at 10:58pm · ·

    • Angela Aguilasocho Hackett I'm so angry i couldn't even get my punctuation right...
      August 5 at 10:58pm ·

    • Angela Aguilasocho Hackett We're doing just wait until; after school starts...polish the chandelier I'm Oregon bound!!!
      August 5 at 10:59pm ·

    • Karli Worley Cunningham I'm thinking we must! I mean, who ever heard of a guy receptionist?
      August 5 at 10:59pm ·

    • Teri Anderson Worley Oh, no backing out! The crystal will be polished, the place will be sparkling and just waiting :)
      August 5 at 11:00pm · ·

    • Angela Aguilasocho Hackett guy receptionist and hybrid cars = STOOOOOPID as hell!!!
      August 5 at 11:00pm ·

    • Angela Aguilasocho Hackett yeah and can you *ahem* give that shower a double know what I'm talking about....
      August 5 at 11:01pm ·

    • Karli Worley Cunningham Oh yes, steam cleaned, especially after living down there with that huge shower. I know it's your's but I only used it a time or two. That's why the bottom of my feet are always black.
      August 5 at 11:02pm ·

    • Angela Aguilasocho Hackett As they should be can't do enough work around that house for your mom...ESPECIALLY after she let you and your tribe shack up with her!!!
      August 5 at 11:03pm ·

    • Teri Anderson Worley I keep forgetting which profile I'm on
      August 5 at 11:03pm · ·

    • Angela Aguilasocho Hackett Karli??? You should be ashamed of yourself for ignoring your mother...hmmm....i think something needs to be done to ensure you never neglect your sweet hot mom again!!!
      August 5 at 11:04pm ·

    • Karli Worley Cunningham Yeah, I think I owe her big time. Any ideas on what I can do to show her my appreciation?
      August 5 at 11:04pm ·

    • Angela Aguilasocho Hackett I don't think you have the money to even begin to scratch the surface...

      I would start off with breakfast in bed....
      August 5 at 11:05pm ·

    • Karli Worley Cunningham Oh, she'd like that! I could make all of her favorites! But first I need to find out what they are. I've ignored her some lately.
      August 5 at 11:06pm ·

    • Angela Aguilasocho Hackett Maybe take Joshua for the day and let him spend the night with you while she enjoys a day at the spa....naturally driving the just washed by you car...and don't forget to send Justin to Starbucks to pick up her latte so she can sip it on her way there!!!
      August 5 at 11:06pm ·

    • Karli Worley Cunningham Oh Joshua! That's a great idea! I could take him for a week or so to give mom a rest. Oh she won't let me touch her car, shes OCD like that. But the spa! That's a perfect idea. there's a spa here that has an all day spa package with a gourmet lunch. I know she like that place.
      August 5 at 11:08pm ·

    • Angela Aguilasocho Hackett such a neglectful and horrible daughter to not know what your precious mom likes for should be need to immediately confess your sin...I know you're not catholic but this is an error so gross I'm surprised you broadcasted it on cases like this alllll precautions MUST be taken!!!
      August 5 at 11:09pm ·

    • Angela Aguilasocho Hackett Do they serve Martinis????
      August 5 at 11:09pm ·

    • Angela Aguilasocho Hackett Never you mind.. I'll give you a recipe to Tiara MUST go out and buy the ingredients and make sure that they have them made and ready for her!!!
      August 5 at 11:10pm ·

    • Karli Worley Cunningham no, but I could make her one. She'd like that. She's so sophisticated and classy. I hope I can pull it off one day.
      August 5 at 11:10pm ·

    • Karli Worley Cunningham I KNOW she'd like that!
      August 5 at 11:11pm ·

    • Angela Aguilasocho Hackett I don't know Karli...those are awfully big Jimmy Chos to fill....however, I think it's worth trying even though you're almost guranteed to EPICALLY!!!
      August 5 at 11:11pm ·

    • Angela Aguilasocho Hackett
      Oh and arrange to have your dad drive her home...we can't have the Diva in any type of harm!!!!

      I know she hates it when he drives...but after a couple of martinis and a day at the spa and she'll be relaxed enough to allow it...slip her xana...x just in case....See More
      August 5 at 11:13pm ·

    • Karli Worley Cunningham I could order a limo, then dad wouldn't have to drive her car. It's been awhile since she's been in a limo. She really should always have a driver. She's done so much for me.
      August 5 at 11:14pm ·

    • Angela Aguilasocho Hackett You know I never even thought of that...make sure it's stocked a bottle of CHILLED and fro!!!
      August 5 at 11:16pm ·

    • Karli Worley Cunningham Oh for sure. Maybe I'll look for some Manolos for her. I could save up and buy her another pair!
      August 5 at 11:18pm ·

    • Karli Worley Cunningham or maybe some Christian Louboutins! Then I'd for sure be her favorite daughter!
      August 5 at 11:19pm ·

    • Angela Aguilasocho Hackett yes....that is Mandatory!!! Or even a nice custom swaroski (I can't pronounce it much less spell it...) crystal cover for her new iPhone...I'm thinking white crystals with pink cursive lettering that says....DIVA!!!
      August 5 at 11:19pm ·

    • Angela Aguilasocho Hackett've already fallen so far from grace....
      August 5 at 11:20pm ·

    • Karli Worley Cunningham You know, I feel really, really bad I went through my mom's stuff and found some things I never should have found. I really should respect her privacy more.
      August 5 at 11:20pm ·

    • Angela Aguilasocho Hackett Wow Karli!! Why on earth would you ever violate your mother like that?!?!? Especially after everything she's done for mother has NEVER and would never give me Chanels!!!
      August 5 at 11:21pm ·

    • Karli Worley Cunningham I'm SO ashamed of myself. I should have known better.
      August 5 at 11:22pm ·

    • Karli Worley Cunningham I know, and I dont take very good care of the Chanels. I need to follow my mom around so that I can be more like her.
      August 5 at 11:23pm ·

    • Angela Aguilasocho Hackett You should're a grown ass just wait until Baby Diva grows's SOOOOOOO gonna hit you at that point!!!
      August 5 at 11:23pm ·

    • Karli Worley Cunningham That makes me shudder! You're right. I should have never done that.
      August 5 at 11:24pm ·

    • Angela Aguilasocho Hackett yes you should do as the asians do and completely and totally focus on her for a very long time so as to learn ways!!!
      August 5 at 11:24pm ·

    • Angela Aguilasocho Hackett're just desserts are coming...and QUICKLY too!!! Black nails and all!
      August 5 at 11:24pm ·

    • Karli Worley Cunningham Oh, I know I should go buy her another custom cake from Beaverton Bakery! Or take her to Papa Haydn's for her favorite Boccone Dolce!
      August 5 at 11:25pm ·

    • Angela Aguilasocho Hackett Ok...Karli TRY and be good to your mother...I have to go to bed it's hella late in Tejas!!!!

      Kiss the pantless wonder for me!!!
      August 5 at 11:28pm ·

    • Karli Worley Cunningham It is late there. I bet her ambien is beginning to kick in. She' start seeing cows or something soon!
      August 5 at 11:29pm ·

    • Karli Worley Cunningham good night Angela! Thanks for being such a great friend to my mom!
      August 5 at 11:30pm ·

    • Angela Aguilasocho Hackett It's my pleasure since I was lucky like you to have her as my mom!
      August 5 at 11:30pm ·

    • Karli Worley Cunningham I'm the luckiest girl in the world!
      August 5 at 11:31pm ·

    • Karli Worley Cunningham I really need to work on being a better daughter, that's for sure.
      August 5 at 11:31pm ·

    • Angela Aguilasocho Hackett yes...i second that emotion....Good night!!!
      August 5 at 11:32pm ·

    • Karli Worley Cunningham ‎'nite!
      August 5 at 11:32pm ·

    • Nikki Anderson ‎:) ooh karli, you are so sweet! mom would love for u to spoil her with gift s.
      August 5 at 11:33pm ·

    • Karli Worley Cunningham I know! You need to give me ideas! She really needs to be pampered after all we kids have put her through.
      August 5 at 11:33pm ·

    • Teri Anderson Worley call me
      August 5 at 11:45pm · ·

    • Karli Worley Cunningham My mom thinks she's SO funny! She hacked my Facebook! But I love her anyway and I know she loves me, very much.
      August 5 at 11:52pm ·

    • John The-Hebrew right now I'm thinkin, I'd like to be mom....
      August 5 at 11:55pm ·

    • Karli Worley Cunningham Leave it the prankster MOM, to let me have it when I can't get to her to SLAP her!
      August 6 at 12:06am ·

 I'm not Karli. I just played her on Facebook. And yes, I've learned my lesson. Not really, she just changed her password.

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