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American Protector Needs Help

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Ok all, I’m asking for your help here. Joe is a personal friend of mine and is in trouble. He was diagnosed with a type of bone cancer called plasmacytoma last year. He’s exhausted his leave, he’s out of money and he’s fighting this insidious disease. He’s down to nothing at all. If the situation wasn't dire I wouldn't be posting this, but it is.

Joe’s one of the guys that put his life on the line every day to help keep America safe. I’m asking if you could please donate even $5 to help him and/or link to this post, share it on FB and tweet it to help spread the word.

Here is a short description of what Joe has done for us for the last 15 years. My friend Doug, Joe’s best friend, wrote this for me to share with you all so you can see all he’s done for us.

Joe is a 15 year veteran of the United States Customs Service, now called United States Customs and Border Protection. Joe works out of Brownsville, Texas. US CBP is charged with protecting the US from terrorists and terrorist weapons of mass effect, regulating trade and trade goods, and making sure that the people who apply for entry into the US are supposed to be here.

US CBP is also charged with regulating and checking traffic going into foreign countries. We are also tasked with enforcing literally thousands of federal laws, and helping out the locals whenever possible. Obviously the work is way more then that measly paragraph, let me try and put it in plain English.

At the Ports Of Entry (Brownsville is responsible for 4 bridges to Mexico, two international airports, a seaport, and a rail entry). Joe is certified and has worked in all capacities. We inspect every person and conveyance that is entering the US, we are primarily concerned with narcotics and criminals trying to enter the US illegally. We routinely encounter wanted felons, people trying to enter with false documents, narcotics and other nefarious folks.

We are also charged with interdicting the flow of currency, weapons and ammunition into Mexico, stopping stolen vehicles, apprehending fleeing suspects and criminals, as well as making sure folks exporting goods are in compliance; this is what I do now and what Joe was doing before he became sick. Joe has also been overseas to numerous countries on various missions with Customs throughout his career. Joe has been decorated and received many awards as well.

Please consider helping someone that has given his all for us and our country. 

Here's the poster that's helping to spread awareness. The Gunfighters Motorcycle Club is NOT an outlaw motorcycle club. It's a club of law enforcement officers that share a love of motorcycles. 

Today's update:
I just got this from Joe's family:
He's doing better...he is in a secondary hospital. Its for patients who need extended treatment. His immune system is still weak they only let family see him and its only 2 of us at a time. He is in good spirits and getting a little better everyday. He is eating little better meaning more solid foods. He as well as the family are just taking it a day at a time. Also is voice is slowly coming back to him.


Liz Mays October 4, 2010 at 12:45 PM  

I hope his health continues to improve quickly!

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