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Motorcycles and Bikers? I'm In!

Friday, January 31, 2014

If you're expecting something lyrical and moving, jump off the train here. Not one of those nights, thank goodness!

I think most of you know, by now, I'm the Social Media Coordinator for Motorcycle Travel America, which is kinda weird, me social? I know, I know, social I am for sure. By the way, if you haven't checked out Motorcycle Travel America, go do it. Even if you're not a biker, we support incredible causes, take a look and join, it's free! Cool, huh?

While you're at it, check out my biker blog that I write to help promote the Foundation, Two Wheels and The Curves, give a girl some support. It's relatively new, so follow me, give me some encouragement....please?

Where the hell was I going with this, oh yes, my awesome friend that founded Motorcycle Travel America sent me a message on Facebook a couple of weeks ago. She said one of the board members wanted to meet me. Ok, I have to admit, I was thinking.....uh, why?

We met at this awesome place for lunch, Fenders Moto Cafe and Brew Pub. Shout out to Michael Thomas and his wife....incredible job guys! The food? Well, I'll be there A LOT.

I met the mysterious, to me, board member, Steve Folkestad. Steve happens to be one of the co-founders of the Hell's Canyon Motorcycle Rally in Baker City Oregon, and he lives maybe two miles from my house. Craziness.

I was a bit leery at first. I had messaged him a couple of times on Facebook telling him I was looking forward to meeting him, and just general small talk, and he seemed rather quiet to me. One word answers? I'm not really familiar with them, so I wasn't sure he was gonna like me much.

When I met him, he lit up the room. What an amazing, funny, incredible, and genuine man. Right off the bat he handed me a brochure, opened it up and asked if I recognized a picture in the booklet. It was me!

He then handed me a stack of fliers, some more information, a shirt (and gave me permission to make it a bit more girlie with a bit of sexy thrown in), and asked if I would be the Ambassador for this year's Rally......uh, no brainer! Heck yes! I LOVE that Rally! It was quite the honor, and I am SO excited, but I'm still not really sure what all it entails......just like me, jump in and swim. 

Then he sent me a message via Facebook and gave me the most amazing compliment, "Thank you for agreeing to help. Your energy will be a great asset for the rally. Adventure awaits."  I then received another Facebook message from him. He asked if I would go work a day at the Seattle Motorcycle show in a couple of weeks. Score me! I get to hang out, promote the rally, talk to bikers, see the new bikes, and hang in Seattle. I'm down with that. 

The Rally this year is July 10-14, which gives me time to prepare my Ambassador smile. Bottom line, if you ride a bike, I better see you there, NO exceptions!

Get your bike ready, register at the Hell's Canyon website, and come meet the Diva, oh, hang with bikers, check out the many vendors, and ride some of the most incredible rides you'll ever ride.

I'm keeping my eye out, I'm watching you!


Flickering Flames

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

As with every haunting memory, they manifest more boldly at night.

She was lying on her right side, in the center of the king sized bed, with her tiny, pup snuggled up against her thigh.

The pillow was formed to support her neck, and the right side of her face was burrowed down touching the pillow's soft, ironed, case.

Her right arm was angled up, so her hand could reach her head. She ran her fingers through her long, blonde, tresses, tugging at them softly, and twirling some around the tip of her first finger.

Memories of old held her captive. They were as real as the over head fan that caused the air to flutter around her. The breeze that was created left her bare skin trembling, yet she lay there, with the sheets about her waist, while gazing deeply into the flickering flame of the candle beside her. Her thoughts had traveled back in time and she could not will herself to keep them buried.

She felt him beside her, his arm stretched over her waist, and his hand softly touching her stomach. His breath was even, deep, and comforting. His presence, even while sleeping, gave her a feeling of safety, and comfort. The pure, raw, love that was emitted from his being was filling the voids she had forever lived with.

As her thoughts ran deeper she could plainly see his face as she had when she was on her stomach, with her head propped in her hands, studying him while he slept. Every line on his face could be seen, every curve traced. She clearly saw his chest rise and fall with each breath, and her soul smiled.

It wasn't until a fully formed tear trickled down her cheek that she was transmitted back into the present. The trickle of a tear became a river, a river that seemed to have no end and no beginning.

While still watching the dancing flame of the candle, she pulled the sheets up and around her chilled body. She then  leaned up on her elbow and gently blew out the glowing flame before placing her head back on the pillow, and she continually attempted to dry the free flowing tears with the dampened sheets.


Velvety Darkness

Monday, January 13, 2014


The blackness of night had fallen over Bangkok by the time the jumbo jet had lifted from the ground of the bustling Asian metropolis.

I surveyed the well-lit city through the oval window to my right. My head was cradled snuggly into the side cushion of the seat I had been assigned. I was mesmerized as I am each time I fly when the land beneath is cloaked in velvety darkness.

The sight of glimmering lanterns, covering the acreage below, captivates me, and energy, not present when I ascend into a sun filled sky, overtakes my senses, and awakens my imagination.

The allure of shimmering lights, snaking their way through all obstacles they encounter, illuminated the expansive Thai city and held my mind captive.

I carefully studied the patterns, created by their glowing presence, and felt exuberant as I watched them dance upon the sunless portion of the planet.

Each light seemed to move in harmony with the heartbeat of the tightly bound core of the sprawling region, while at the same time, singing a song of its own. In my mind I envisioned  people as they hurried about, finishing business, before beginning their journeys home. I sensed the tempo of the melodies being played for people gathering to drink, dance, and laugh, leaving their cares behind, and I felt the spirit of its life force being transmitted into the universe.   

My eyes next followed the paths of lights, as they meandered  from the center of activity, into the outlying areas. I wondered if a small child was being soothed to sleep by a weary parent, or if a couple, deeply in love, was having dinner by the light of carefully placed candles, in homes that appeared dimly lit. I was curious as I watched flickers of red and blue making their presence known in the center of an intersection.

Then it happened. The giant, metal bird, that carried me to my next destination, was high enough to extinguish all glimmers of life from the sparkling globes that had rejuvenated me. I felt the energy they filled me with slowly dim.

I then burrowed into an airline provided pillow, closed my eyes. My thoughts then began to compare how our human lives are so very similar to the colors, and intensities, of the lighted globes I had been watching. Sometimes we sparkle, other times our lives take on different hues and tones, and sometimes we cease to be seen, or even exist. 

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