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The Man That Shaped My Life

Thursday, June 26, 2014

One year, many years ago, I made a book for my dad, most probably for Father's day.

After so many years it was difficult to come up with something meaningful, and not just a trivial trinket that would be tossed in a drawer and forgotten.

My dad was gone so much of the time we were growing up, and when he was home, sometimes it was good, sometimes not so good.

But I think because he was out of our lives for long stretches of time, memories of our times together were easier to gather from the depths of my mind than if he had been around us day to day.

I wrote of everything I could remember, good memories, bad memories, and stories he had to told me.

I remembered the time, when I was probably 12, he and I had tickets to see Willie Nelson. I was SO looking forward to it, but being a corporate pilot he was always on call. He was called to fly for the month a few days before the concert. I was crushed.

I never said anything to him about how hurt I had been, but he knew. When he finally got back home, he gave me a necklace. Of course with him being a pilot, and having no idea what to get a 12 year old girl, on the necklace hung a small jet. I treasured that necklace, but over the years it was lost, but memories of it will forever remain. 

I wrote of forging his signature on my report cards, of him making us toys. I reminded him of taking me flying and sailing, taking me out of school, and telling me never to tell mom. I wrote of him teaching me to fish, eat oysters, and to not take shit from anyone.

There was so much more. He taught us about Bilderberg, he told us of outrageous, behind the scenes stories, of rock stars and politicians.

Dad had such an exciting life, and we were always eager to hear of his tales of intrigue, true or not, they were captivating. 

I found out, after mom was killed and Dad and I spent more time together than ever before, how much that book meant to him. He told me he cried when he read it, and that he read it time and time again.

He said he cried because he was always afraid that because he was taken from us so often, due the nature of his job, we would never have memories of him. As he told me that I cried. I had no idea, something I thought would mean so little, meant so much.

On this day, June 26, 1938, Julian Park Anderson was born in Greenville, South Carolina. Today I smile, I cry, I rejoice, and I remember my father on his 75th birthday.

Taking Nikki for a spin.

Placing a rose on Mom's casket.

This was the night after we made Mom's funeral arrangements. He was totally toasted!

Dad with his first baby, me.

Hanging with two of his granddaughters.

Happy Birthday Dad. I so love you!



In My Own Words......VIDEO

Thursday, June 19, 2014


Change of Plans

Friday, June 13, 2014

I've recently been alluding to an incredible project I'm currently working on with a magnificent team.  This project will bring huge changes to my life and the lives of all involved.

We were going to announce it publicly in the very near future. However, after an executive meeting yesterday, my partner and I have come to the decision to delay the public announcement for a short time.

This project is going to be much more spectacular than we had originally planned, and we are incredibly excited. My partner and I have been intensely working on all that is involved, and we don't want to overlook even the smallest detail.

As of now, we're well under way, with so much accomplished, but we hit a bit of a snag, that actually may be a tremendous advantage in our endeavor. 

So be patient, we want this release to be perfect in every way, and are working day and night to accomplish our mission.

As of today, we're hard at work preparing our social media sites, with the intent to launch those as soon as we possibly can, and with that will come the official announcement. You know me, and I'm terribly impatient, that's where my partner is very good at bringing me back to focus on the task at hand.

I'm looking at the big picture, as is he, however, he somehow has the ability to, Lord know how, to bring me back to the here and now.

Just know, I want to take you on this journey with us, and a journey it will be.

Impatiently waiting,


It Didn't Stop There!

Monday, June 9, 2014

On the plane home from Texas, incredible trip, although I didn't get to see my brother's and their wives as much as I wanted. I barely saw Sydney and Josh, and no Emi, Andrew, Meagan, Ryan or Rylie.

I did get Brat time, but need much more, and I finally got to see the family I spent more time with than with my parents, and it was awesome!

Dawn and Eric were busy with wedding preparations, and Joel and Tina were in and out. So, Hoping to make a much longer trip soon and spend awesome time with them all, as well as some incredible people I met.

Since it's cramped in the plane, and a bit difficult to write, I'll give you a review in pics while I have a gin and tonic, or two, and chill.

Never enough Brat time!
New fam, and old fam

Me and Eric
Me and Dawn
Have never seen my brother look so happy, and the get back whip....

Dawn has the most beautiful smile!

My brother in a kilt? That was fun!

Cake time
Look at her smile!   
My middle brother
Tina and me

Frank and me
I was good
1858 New Army
I wonder if Richard would notice if I took it?
Here they are, minus Michael, Frank, Me, Konni, Rose, Richard, and Harley!


Sneak Peek In Pics

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Wind farm
Courtesy of Motorcycle Travel America  

My enforcer

Most of the group!

Way Cool!

Da girls!

Hey, I just noticed, two for the price of one! Must have been before the fall 

I love him!

My and my daughter, Nikki

He's cold

Doing what they do

Total attitude here

At Fenders, our East side home base

AND of course to EVERYONE that is contributing to this massive undertaking!!
And thank you to the cow that died to be my rug

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