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Mucho Bizzaro, Swerves and Curves, & Shooting Glasses

Monday, July 7, 2014

It's been the strangest of times in the last few weeks, months actually. 

Things are hitting hard, fast, and coming straight out of the Twilight Zone in my life. 

It seems there has been no time to stop, breathe, and enjoy the time as it passes.

About a month, or so, ago I twice had an extremely severe, life threatening reaction to, most probably antibiotics. While I was in the hospital, I ended up pretty close to death's door. In the midst of everything, I felt a presence with me, and a nurse described a person she saw waiting, pacing, the first night I was in. The person she described was the same presence I had sensed being near.

I've thought of it through the weeks and still have no explanation, but the presence was, in my mind, what pulled me through the entire ordeal relatively quickly. It still runs through my mind, and I wonder how, and why, she saw what I felt.

Then yesterday, I awoke in an extremely foggy, distant, state of mind. As so many people, I checked my phone before I was really awake. The antihistamine I've been taking, to counter act the allergic reactions, makes waking quickly pretty difficult at times.

The first post I saw was put up by a friend, and it was in memory of my cousin that died maybe, 25-26 years ago. For some strange reason,  in the foggy state I was in, I thought he had just died, I looked at my phone and there were calls from family that I haven't heard from in months, some in years. They were all from my father's side of the family, cousins and aunts, that were connected to the man the post was about. It wasn't until several minutes later I realized he had been dead for nearly 3 decades.

After listening to the voice messages, and making calls, a cousin had died that night, one that had been named after my cousin in the post. I'm still tying to come to terms with the way the entire thing played out, and why it happened that way.

See, the presence of the person I felt as doctors were working on me, and my friend that made the post, are friends, and have been for years.

I was still confused, and shocked, so I got out on the bike to clear my mind. I knew, from the time I pushed start on my Harley, I shouldn't have been on it at all. About a half mile from where I had started, a car in front of me stopped to turn left.

I'd noticed they'd been riding the brakes, but in the forefront of my mind was the post, and the death of my cousin. Suddenly the car stopped. There was no signal they were turning, no indicator at all. As soon as I noticed they had  stopped, I reacted. My bike went left, it went right, I kept the bike up, but for some reason, I'd put my right foot down, and the impact tore up my toe, strained my ankle, and my leg up to my knee. I kept going, I had an appointment to make. My head was still foggy, and it never dawned on me to go back, get the car and continue on.

By the time I got home, my leg, foot, toe, and knee, were swollen and hurting terribly, but there was no way I was going back to the hospital. I put my leg up, kept it iced, and chilled for the remainder of the evening.

I was still sore this morning when I met a friend for coffee. She wanted to ride, I wanted to ride, we made some calls, gathered some people, and went for an incredible ride in the country. The weather was perfect, the scenery gorgeous, and for the first time in weeks, my mind was clear.

I was able to unwind, relax, laugh, and enjoy the company of incredible people. We stopped at a little place to eat and they had oyster shooters, well, this girl will never pass up oyster shooters, so all, but one of the group, ordered a few.

On the first shot my friend and I did, off flew her glasses, into the brush about 20 feet down.

She and I heard them fall, looked down and saw nothing but weeds, and the rushing creek below. We kept trying to see them, and suddenly, a guy from another table jumped over the railing, climbed down the decking, to search for them himself.

Me, being the smart ass I can be, said, "Ah, you've climbed out of many windows when you were young!"

"No ma'am, I'm just a farm boy."

Within minutes, Farm Boy found the shades, climbed up a bit to hand them to my friend, then proceeded to, what I thought was going to be a, "Hey y'all, watch this," moment. He did it though, he made his way back up without incident.

A bit of time passed, and it's uncanny how many bikers know other bikers from near and far, a group of bikers walked in that we hadn't seen in ages, some I'd never met, although we all knew the same people, and then more came in after. Stories were told, laughs were had, and for the first time in months, I felt I out from under the fog, the chaos, the stress of the proceeding months.

The release of today, hopefully, will allow me to get back on track, once more become focused, and move forward with this incredible project I'm working on!

Peace out all,

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