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He's a Pychopath, Obsessed, And Vicious

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Everyone is familiar with the phrase, "sex, drugs and rock and roll." Let's add a beautiful woman, obsession, stalking, and stripping to the mix. What exactly goes through the mind of a psychopathic stalker? What about the woman that is the subject of such a vicious person?

The answer to that question just might be found in the film I'm going to tell you about. The Director of Photography we used to film the official music video for "I Found A Better Way," performed by Hammerz Down and written by Dave Kennedy, is Andre Khrul, producer for Vicious. 

Andre and I met awhile back and became friends. His talent overwhelms me. His passion for his job is amazing. Watching his eyes light up when he speaks of his work is inspiring.

I'm writing for him. I'm asking for your help, whether investing ( a healthy 120% return on your investment when the film sells is nothing to sneeze about), spreading the news, or encouraging comments to springboard him. I have to say, of all the film makers I've met, Andre is the most down to earth of any of them hands down.

They've, his film-partner Jason Rosenblatt, and he have invested everything they have into this film. They're at the finish line, they only need $8,000 more to pay for the audio mix, scoring, festival submissions, and posters. The distributor for the film has helped in distributing over 42 titles including The Expendables. Pretty impressive right?

If I had the money I'd invest it all, but I don't, and that's another series, volumes possibly, of posts. So I'm asking you. Oh, and something way cool, anyone that invests at least $3000.00 will be listed in the credits as a producer.

Here's a brief description of the content. It's a psychological thriller/drama about an "exotic dancer" and a psychopath on a mission to stop the woman from stripping, even at the cost of murder, if that's what it takes to get his point across. The question is, can anything, or anyone, stop him?

Throw in a sure to sell mix of murder, exotic dancing, rock and roll, drama and psychological suspense, not only is this film going to entertain, but will most certainly be a warning for those seeking the seductiveness of "exotic dancing" as a career choice.

By the way, remember Jason Richter from Free Willy? He's in the movie as well.

Maybe I can get him to throw in an autographed picture?

Shoot Andre an email so you can be in on the action!

Anxiously awaiting,


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