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Salivating Drops of Poison

Thursday, May 28, 2015

On the move again, although, I must say this last stop was eventful, challenging, and oh so fulfilling.

One thing that shall stay seared in my mind is knowing the hearts of many are not pure. I should know that by now, after all my parents drilled it into my brain. I ignored them for the longest time. I ignored it until I was the target of those my parents warned me of. Their tongues continue wag, and I have to laugh.

Still, even after seeing the evilness, and gossipy nature first hand, and clicking the block option on all of my sites, my phone and email, I still believed most people were inherently good.

After all I've been through, seen, and heard, I see, or want to see, the good in people, most of them anyway.

After I moved into this last place, within a day, the entire neighborhood knew all about my life. Much of it was news to me, as a lot of it has been over the last two years.

The knives that some attempted to plunge into my back, were actually amusing. The Diva learned a lesson: catch the knife, sincerely smile, and hand it back. I've known for awhile that those that have no life seem to like to live through mine, and that's ok. Mine is a roller coaster of sorts, and as they say, "truth is stranger than fiction."

Saturday, as we load the truck for the next phase, I shall sincerely smile, hand the knife that was intended for placement between my lat muscles, back to the one that tried to insert it. I've stayed quiet for months. I saw through the plan, the evilness, and the blackness, that was intended for me when we first met. Saturday will be the perfect time the reveal to this keeper of knives, and a salivating tongue, I knew her intentions from our first meeting.

See, there is a difference between mistakes and plans carefully laid to harm another.

I believe I should be wearing my Go Pro when I hand back the knife, covered with the poison of a wagging tongue, and a gossiping storyteller. I'll smile sincerely, and tell her thank you for teaching me I have an unbreakable bond.

Wishing you a good night.



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