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Motorcycle Mishaps

Tuesday, August 29, 2017


Decisions Tested

Friday, August 18, 2017

What an amazingly, perfect day. Yes the AC went out, then had to have someone come out to repair what the first tech kinda messed up, water everywhere, but it was peaceful. So many things went south yesterday and today. It really tested us and our decisions, and we won.
This afternoon our gorgeous daughter bounced downstairs when she got home with an amazing smile that lit the room, my husband got home a bit early. He and I drove out to Papa Haydn in Sellwood for a cozy, quiet, dinner that ended with delicious Boccone Dolce and a slice of Chocolate Truffle cake. 
We talked, laughed, and enjoyed every second of being together. It truly is a wonderful life. Six weeks have flown by, and it is as if there was never day missed in nearly 30 years. Everything is so much better, so right. 
Our joint decisions not to allow negative people, or situations, into our lives or influence us, to close the door to people that cling to bitterness, to realize the mistakes of our past, and look to the brightness of our future, has made every thing we lost, learned, has all been worth it. 

To see how far we've come astounds me. We're both the same people essentially, but so much more wise, secure, certain, and committed.

We've realized the proper chain of priority that was before missing, and we will cling to it fiercely. 

Don't allow anyone tell you that you cannot learn from the past, change your future, and re-prioritize. You can if it means enough to you. You just have to start, throw fear out of the picture, and start. Remember, fear is a manufactured emotion, one that kills so much, one that we create ourselves and it keeps us in bondage. 
If you stay paralyzed in fear you will never know, or see, the very best there is waiting just around the corner. 

Take that step, be courageous, don't listen to the ones that want to keep you down. Ask yourself why another person would not want you to succeed. Generally it's because they are unhappy with themselves, their lives. Their happiness is their decision, just as yours is yours.
Make the decision. Step into the light and out of darkness. You'll be so happy you did. 


So Let Hope Rise And Darkness Tremble

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

I was on my left side, staring up in the darkened room at the crystal chandelier above my side of the bed.

I silently laid and waited for sleep. It's elusive tonight.

There is a faint glow from a Himalayan Pink Salt rock that resides on the massive marble topped dresser that holds the TV.

I hear breathing, slow, deep, steady. I hear the whir of the fan, and the faint sound of a dog snoring.

Sleep will not come easy tonight. I look to my right and see the bare chest of the man God brought me nearly 30 years ago, then brought again earlier this year.

We lived together nearly 27 years the first time, as a couple. We've been married a bit over a month now and live as one, united, solid, and peaceful.

It's been an interesting experience to see the changes in each other and in ourselves. The depth we both feel, the total commitment, the coming together as one cohesive couple, is one of the most miraculous events of our lives.

The feelings, emotions, and connection, cannot be explained to one that has not had the experience, other than it's calming, more calming than ever.

There's a connection never before felt. We walked through fire apart to come back together when the timing was right.

It's a wonderful feeling to know, really know, the best of our lives is yet to come.


Whisperings To Itching Ears...In Other Words..Setting The Record Straight

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Select "friends" and "family" seem to be forgetting a few, very important, things.

Each of you that has never made a mistake, or poor choice, please comment.

Those of you that have received God's grace and mercy but are unwilling to acknowledge He extends it to all that ask, please comment.

Those of you that profess to be Christian, yet refuse to forgive, please comment.

Those of you that think it's fine to see one glimpse of a situation and not another, please comment.

Those of you that feel there is "sin" worse than believing a false prophet to be The Creator, please comment.

Those of you that feel you are free to live in the present and not the past but others are not, please comment.

Those of you that have failed miserably and overcome, but refuse to believe another can, please comment.

Those of you that believe you know God's will for your life but others cannot know the same of theirs, please comment.

To those that believe a person "has lost his salvation" because you don't know God's will for him, and what he was called to do, please tell me when God gave you His job.

To those that believe gossip, negativity, and hatred, is just fine with God, please comment.

To those that come against my family because many of us are tattooed, call us pathetic, and believe we are on the road to hell probably need to read Micah 6:8. God judges our hearts, not our skin.

Those that do not believe God is the Master of reconciliation and Owner of restoration, please comment.

Those that feel it is correct to live life in negativity, haughtiness, blindness, hatred, judgment, and self righteousness, please exit our lives.

We will not tolerate untruths, negativity, gossip, or anything that promotes such, to enter our home. The door is closed.

Happiness, positivity, love, forgiveness, devotion, kindness, peace, humbleness, and joy, are what we choose. What does your choice say about you?

To God Be The Glory for forgiveness, restoration, and true healing.

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