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So Let Hope Rise And Darkness Tremble

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

I was on my left side, staring up in the darkened room at the crystal chandelier above my side of the bed.

I silently laid and waited for sleep. It's elusive tonight.

There is a faint glow from a Himalayan Pink Salt rock that resides on the massive marble topped dresser that holds the TV.

I hear breathing, slow, deep, steady. I hear the whir of the fan, and the faint sound of a dog snoring.

Sleep will not come easy tonight. I look to my right and see the bare chest of the man God brought me nearly 30 years ago, then brought again earlier this year.

We lived together nearly 27 years the first time, as a couple. We've been married a bit over a month now and live as one, united, solid, and peaceful.

It's been an interesting experience to see the changes in each other and in ourselves. The depth we both feel, the total commitment, the coming together as one cohesive couple, is one of the most miraculous events of our lives.

The feelings, emotions, and connection, cannot be explained to one that has not had the experience, other than it's calming, more calming than ever.

There's a connection never before felt. We walked through fire apart to come back together when the timing was right.

It's a wonderful feeling to know, really know, the best of our lives is yet to come.


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