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Oh My! First Session Of My Madonna Eye Lift!

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

My first of three sessions for the Madonna Eye Lift.

I filmed before and after the procedure that was done by Dr. Max Grishkevich.

Dr. Max is the founder and director of VIP MediSpa in Happy Valley, Oregon.

(After publishing this video I saw there is unintended text. My edits to say "Sorry for the shakiness. I used my phone to film," didn't save. Whoops!)

I've been going to VIP MediSpa since it opened. I've had Botox, Juvederm, Microdermabrasion, laser hair removal. The Madonna Eye Lift is my first "big" procedure I've had at VIP MediSpa.

I'll be updating throughout the entire 3 month process, especially these first few days after the procedure so you can see what happens right along with me.

VIP MediSpa's website describes the Madonna Eye Lift as this, "One thing that makes Madonna eyelift procedure at Dr. Grishkevich Max’s VIP MEDISPA stand out from traditional eye surgery is that it leaves no scars, and you can go about doing your daily chores without any restrictions. For all those who wish to make their eyes beautiful and the skin around it youthful again with the least hassle, this is the best option."

I have not been compensated for this video, or for the following ones. You will see, and hear, my unbiased thoughts, and results, of this procedure.

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