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There Was A Boy

Monday, April 22, 2019

There once was a boy that held the key to my heart. He's now a man, the key he still holds.

The bond we share cannot be broken. It's been tried, it's been put to the test.

The boy with the dimple and the sparkling eyes is now taller than I and greatly missed.

There soon will be a day the miles will become inches as we embrace and know what the other is thinking, just as before.

There are bonds in life that cannot be severed. This is one of those connections that will never fade, only grow stronger than ever, if possible, through the years to come.

We share the same thoughts and aspirations. From miles apart our thinking seems to be united.

This evening I was surprised with a message. It was a message I had been thinking of as well.

The realization that we had been having the same thoughts and plan of action was mind blowing.

Years before when he was a little sprite of a boy we would finish each others sentences, say the same thing at the same time.

He's my kindred spirit. He is my grandson. 


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