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Did He Cry

Thursday, February 13, 2020

I wonder how he felt that day or if he even knew
As he went to bed that night knowing he would die
Did he turn to look around, take one last glance and cry

Resolutely he went from his living room to bed
Knowing those remaining steps would surely be his last
Did he turn to look around, take one last glance and cry

When he sat atop his bed and began to remove his shoes
Did he feel the tightness and struggle to take a breath
Did he glance to the Heavens, scream out to God and cry

Did his soul depart before he hit the floor
Or did he lie aware and gasp for air once more
Did he think of seeing her soon and begin to cry

The only thing for certain is that night he did die
Now he's with the ones he loves, those that went before
He rejoices with his grandkids, his wife by his side 

Today his daughter keeps memories buried deep inside
When she thinks about him now she calls to God and cries


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